I had asked our housekeeper to tell me what she likes about living in Eureka Springs. She gave me the following about a month ago and I am just getting to posting it. Sorry Lora 😉

Being a local in Eureka Springs is kind of a funny thing.  We live in the most beautiful, unique town in Arkansas!  We go about our daily lives, going to work, taking the kids to school, going to the grocery store, you know, the mundane day to day things we all do.  But from time to time we have to remind ourselves where we are and that people come from all over the world to see our town!  There is so much going on here every day!  

  For example, just recently my daughter came to visit with her family and we all walked downtown to Drumming in the Park! Everybody is welcome to participate!  Just bring a drum, or really anything that makes noise, and join in!   We have done this before and had such a great time!  


The town fills up with all the locals and the atmosphere is so amazing.  Everybody is dancing to the sound of the drums and everybody is smiling and dancing together!     

    The Festival of the Arts kicked off on May !st and there were mobiles hanging over Basin Park that were created by some very talented artists!  They just added another element to the whole atmosphere down there!  My kids and grandkids were so cute!  They just got in there and danced with everybody else!  It truly is so much fun!  We have kind of made it a family event once a month to go down to Basin Park and dance!

Thanks Lora!  Drumming in the Park is every first Saturday of the month from April through October, starting at 6:00PM until 8:00PM in Basin Spring Park.