Finding your Love again in Eureka Springs!

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One of the greatest things Debbie and I have discovered after about three years of working here is how much we enjoy watching people in love, adding an extra spark to their romantic relationship. Also, how our little slice of Eureka, in our five cabins here is a catalyst to help that fire ignite. And it covers the whole gamut of Love as well. From the Newlywed couple coming from Tennessee who were dying to show us the pictures of the wedding, to the couple married for over 50 years where one had early onset and the other was just so precious in taking care of them. The couple who (at the time) could only get legally married in a few states and came HERE for the honeymoon. Then the groom who was staying at a local hotel with all the family and friends but wanted to give his new bride something special for their first night as a married couple.  It’s the look in their eyes, they way they cling to each other, the smiles and giggles when we first walk them thru their cabin showing them how everything works. Its magic. Eureka Springs magic. The number of people who come here for their wedding, honeymoon or anniversary is actually very humbling. Of all the places in Eureka Springs that you can come and stay to help celebrate something that happens only 1, or 2…and maybe 3 or 4 times ? in a lifetime.  Anyhow…come on by and stay awhile! #LoveInEurekaSprings #LoveAtTheWoodsCabins



Google Maps Streetview for The Woods!

First of all, about three months ago, I was in the house and saw the Google Streetview car driving by the house and about to turn down lower Wall Street.  You cant miss it!  So, I see it starting to turn and head down the hill so I shout to Deb “THE GOOGLE MAPS CAR!” and dart out the back stairs thinking Debbie is running behind me because she knows I have been waiting for this moment when we do something hilarious that’s captured on the internet for the rest of time. Unfortunately, I never actually TOLD  Debbie my plan. The plan was for her to act like she was choking me and my laying on the ground with arms and legs frozen like I am fighting for my life. Hilarious, right? Well, I was in position and Debbie was on the porch and the car was in picture range. I didn’t know what to do! So, I acted like I was defending my self from something coming out of the sky or…something. That moment is still a blur of confusion ;-). SO, they drive by and Debbie is cracking up asking why I was dabbing. NO WAY,  I looked like I was dabbing?  I was not dabbing. Here is a pick of someone dabbing..Anyhow, here is a link to the actual google maps link – The Woods on Streetview. It IS pretty cool, you can see alot of the changes we gave done on the property AND you an see Debbie on the Porch. BTW, I am NOT dabbing.

Yarn Bombing – Eureka Style

I never even knew what a yarn bomb was until I moved here to Eureka Springs. One of the first things Debbie and I saw were the trees at Music Park on Main street covered with knitting and crotchet all over the little park.  Then, for some reason, some cruel group of thugs (I actually have no idea who did it), cut the pieces of art off the trees and took them away.  What a shame, we thought. Little story in the local paper about it, but the crime is still in the cold case files of ESPD.

For a little history: Apparently, the practice is believed to have originated in the U.S. with Texas knitters trying to find a creative way to use their leftover and unfinished knitting projects, but it has since spread worldwide. Houston artist Bill Davenport was creating and exhibiting crochet-covered objects in Houston in the 1990s, and the Houston Press stated that “Bill Davenport could be called the grand old man of Houston crocheted sculpture.” Artist Shanon Schollian was knitting stump cozies in 2002 for clear cuts in Oregon.   The Knit Knot Tree by the Jafagirls in Yellow Springs, Ohio gained international attention in 2008.   The movement moved on from simple ‘cozies’ with the innovation of the ‘stitched story’. The concept has been attributed to Lauren O’Farrell (who creates her street art under the graffiti knitting name Deadly Knitshade), from London, UK, who founded the city’s first graffiti knitting collective Knit the City. The ‘stitched story concept’ uses handmade amigurumi creatures, characters and items to tell a narrative or show a theme. This was first recorded with the Knit the City collective’s “Web of Woe” installation in August 2009.  The Knit the City collective were also the first to use O’Farrell’s term ‘yarnstorming’ to describe their graffiti knitting, as an alternative to the more popular term ‘yarnbombing’.   Yarn bombing’s popularity has spread throughout the world. In Oklahoma City the Collected Thread store yarn bombed the Plaza District of the city on 9 September 2011 to celebrate their three-year anniversary as a functioning shop , and in Australia a group called the Twilight Taggers refer to themselves as ‘fibre artists’.  Joann Matvichuk of Lethbridge, Alberta founded International Yarnbombing Day, which was first observed on 11 June 2011.

So, all that being said, the Eureka team has struck again, and with a vengeance.  Here is a group that seems to have been caught in the yarn themselves. Also have a shot with 2 of the ladies getting a few neighborhood trees in Eureka.   So, a few weeks back, they returned to Music park (now under the trusty eye of security cameras) and went to town.  Its a beautiful site to see. Head on out on Main Street right before you get to the train station on the left.  You cant miss it…





Kite Festival 2018

My parents loved a party back when I was growing up in Rockford, Ill. My Dad would think of any reason to throw one. One of the themes I remember well was the Kite flying contest. Held in our huge backyard, the prizes were many different assorted bottles of alcohol and, of course a trophy. Most decorative, highest flying, longest tail and longest in flight were a few of the categories. My brothers and I were designated string holders when the official operator needed to use the bathroom, grab another drink, or fix a plate of food.  Good times!


So, speaking of Kites, guess what’s happening here in Eureka Springs on March 24th?  If you guessed a Kite Festival, your partially correct.  It’s the 28th Annual Art With An Altitude Kite Festival. Bring your own kite or make one on-site with the experts at KaleidoKites of Eureka Springs. Enjoy food vendors, contests, music and fun activities for parents and children alike. Held at the Turpentine Creek Wildlife refuge, admission is free and should be a blast. Don’t expect prizes in the form of alcohol, and if you lose you kite, be very, very careful when you go retrieve it. Turpentine Creek is the home to many Lions, Tigers and Bears!

For directions or a little more information – Click here for the Facebook page

Springtime is Coming to Eureka Springs!

After a short winter hibernation, the town is starting to wake up for another amazing season of fun, relaxation and a little craziness here in Eureka. We are starting to see the daffodils that we planted all over the property poking towards the sky, telling us we need to hurry as Spring is on its way.   We still need to repaint the waterfall pond and wrap up all the winter improvements we made to the cabins for our wonderful guests.   I will share all the updates we made in the next few weeks!

Eureka Mardi-Gras started with a fun night Parade last weekend and events ongoing for the next few weeks.

The Mayors Ball is on the 10th from 7 till 11. One of Eureka’s hottest parties, presented by the 1905 Basin Park Hotel, is a major social event during the celebration of Mardi Gras. Dress in your finest pirate attire and join the Greater Eureka Springs Chamber of Commerce for a night of live music and dancing!

Also on the 10th is the Mayors Krewe & Second Line in the Eureka Gras Costume Parade!  This is a fun opportunity for all our visitors to participate in one of our cities’ day parades first hand. Costume Parade: Open to Locals and Guest to participate 2:00. If you want to play,  gather at the Eureka Springs Library: No later than 1:45 and help escort the Mayor thru town.

Corvette Weekend in Eureka Springs

October 5th thru the 8th. I predict wonderful weather for a drive to Eureka Springs for this years Vette weekend. The car weekend here are so much fun. Just last weekend was the antique car weekend with not only the parade but old cars driving all over the place. Really entertaining.

Since 1991, Corvette enthusiasts across the Midwest and beyond have gathered in Eureka Springs the first weekend of October, to enjoy the beautiful autumn scenery and weather, the unique charm of the Eureka Springs area and just relaxing and having fun with hundreds of fellow Corvette fans. Parades, Kid rides, an Auto show and much more. No  competition, no preparation, no points to win or lose, just a lot of viewing and driving enjoyment with America’s Sports Car.  

All Corvettes, modified, restored, original or daily driver, from all years are welcome. These are some pics from last years event. Come on out, enjoy this wonderful town and check out a few awesome cars!

Bugs invading Eureka Springs!

Don’t worry, they don’t bite. We have the 25th annual Eureka Springs VW Festival, swap meet and tourcade coming August 24th till the 26th.

There will be events all over the town with the bulk of the activity at the Inn of the Ozarks on 62. Of course there will be a parade at 3:00 on Saturday thru downtown.

On Sunday the whole group heads out for a 2 hour drive around some of the beautiful roads here in NW Arkansas.  Click Here for the official web site and registration.

47th Antique Auto Festival in Eureka Springs!

Crank up your engines and get ready! On September 8th & 9th, Eureka Springs will host the 47th Annual Antique Auto Festival — located at the Great Passion Play @ 935 Passion Play Road.  

Saturday morning at 9am, judges will view all of the cars that have entered and pick this year’s winner!  This is a great time to visit the Great Passion Play grounds and see all of the antique cars up close.    After the awards ceremony at 3pm, there will be a parade  thru downtown of all of the cars at 4pm —  the parade will start at the Passion Play grounds and go thru Downtown. Click here for the official website.
Immediately following the parade, there will be a re-enactment of the unsuccessful 1922 Bank Robbery on Downtown Spring Street. This is a really cool story. Everyone can line Spring Street to watch this event.   The bad guys will be chased by the good guys and it will be quite enjoyable to watch!   During the parade, the folks re-enacting the bank robbery will be all around in the crowd — don’t be alarmed when you see the action happening! If you want a spoiler…. click here for the story.  
We are excited to attend our first Eureka Springs Antique Auto Festival and Re-enactment of the 1922 Bank Robery.  It will be cool to see all of the antique cars and even get in with the mob to help catch the bank robbers!
If you are looking for a great place to stay for the weekend, we would love to have you stay at The Woods Cabins!
See you soon,

Be amazed at the Intrigue Theater

Tonight we saw a show that was truly amazing here in Eureka Springs at the Intrigue Theater. Illusionists Sean-Paul and Juliane have created an amazing show entitled The Illusionist and the Ghost talker.  They have turned a hundred year old church into their venue seating about 75 people.

The event is actually three shows: the intro, performed by one of the staff was a short set with comedy and a few very corny magic tricks to prep the crowd for the main event. Next up is Sean-Paul who delights you with stories and illusions for the next hour. He did five illusions, involving the audience and thoroughly entertaining all of us. His presentation is superb and such a professional. Juliane is his assistant during the acts and she also does some things that are amazing as well as very funny. No spoilers here, you HAVE to go see them. At the end of Sean-Pauls act is a small intermission and then the headliner is Juliane and Sean-Paul as her assistant as she communicates with the spirits. I have seen acts like this on the internet and TV, and always KNEW the crowd had given information to the artists beforehand. That was, of course, before Debbie and I were one of the ‘targets’. We were asked to hold something unique in our hand while Sean-Paul walked around with a mike and a blindfolded Juliane (blindfolded and ears checks for any listening devices by a audience member) on stage to pass on what the spirits told her. Not only did she identify the purse hook Debbie had, but also mentioned we were both in IT, I was a Packer fan, from Illinois and also a message from the spirits to remind me that next week was Debbie’s birthday since I forget that date a lot.

Mind – Blown.

These guys will be appearing on Penn & Tellers show Fool Us in early August so you can get a taste of the act. You can get tickets here and find out more about this stunning Eureka Springs attraction here.

Celebrate 4th of July in Eureka Springs

Did you know the city of Eureka Springs was founded on July 4th? All the way back in 1879.  Come on over and help us celebrate our birthday and the country’s birthday!

Starting on July 1st ,  The Eureka Springs Historical Museum presents the Happy Birthday Eureka Springs Stroll.  This fun-filled historical event will take place on Saturday, July 1st and Sunday July 2nd, from 5:00pm to 8:00pm. Tours will leave the parking lot every 30 minutes, with tours lasting one hour. This tour focuses on the “upper loop” of Eureka Springs. A historical character will be featured outside each home or landmark giving a brief summary of the significance of the structure pertaining to the history of Eureka Springs, and the people who resided or worked there. Click here for more information and to buy tickets.

Also on the 2nd, the Eureka Springs parks department decided to bring fireworks back after an eleven year absence. Rumor has it, that this was done to help celebrate the new owners of The Woods Cabins! Well, that’s the rumor between Debbie and I.  Actually, I think the new parks director may have had something to do with it. The fireworks will be out at Lake Leatherwood Park on Sunday, July 2nd. You can spend the day swimming,  hiking, boating (boats, kayaks and canoes for rent) or just relaxing in the Park.  Concessions will be available beginning @ 5:00PM.

FREE in town parking at Planer Hill Transit station.  Shuttles (also no charge) will be running from 5:00PM-11:00PM to and from the Lake make your day even more relaxing and convenient.

Parking @ Lake Leatherwood is $5.00 per vehicle.  Special parking will be available for church vans & buses.  The fireworks extravaganza will begin @ 9:30PM.

On the 4th, there will be a parade downtown! Eurekians don’t miss a chance for a parade.

Come in your patriotic colors, and you can also dress up your dog and bring him or her as well.  After the parade get a load of the events happening in Basin Street Park:

  • Meet Ms. Apple Pie Queen
  • Meet Mr. Firecracker
  • Apple Pie Contest
  • Best Dressed Dog
  • Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest
  • Hula Hoop Contest
  • Hot Dog Eating Contest



Living in Eureka Springs – Drumming in the Park

I had asked our housekeeper to tell me what she likes about living in Eureka Springs. She gave me the following about a month ago and I am just getting to posting it. Sorry Lora 😉

Being a local in Eureka Springs is kind of a funny thing.  We live in the most beautiful, unique town in Arkansas!  We go about our daily lives, going to work, taking the kids to school, going to the grocery store, you know, the mundane day to day things we all do.  But from time to time we have to remind ourselves where we are and that people come from all over the world to see our town!  There is so much going on here every day!  

  For example, just recently my daughter came to visit with her family and we all walked downtown to Drumming in the Park! Everybody is welcome to participate!  Just bring a drum, or really anything that makes noise, and join in!   We have done this before and had such a great time!  


The town fills up with all the locals and the atmosphere is so amazing.  Everybody is dancing to the sound of the drums and everybody is smiling and dancing together!     

    The Festival of the Arts kicked off on May !st and there were mobiles hanging over Basin Park that were created by some very talented artists!  They just added another element to the whole atmosphere down there!  My kids and grandkids were so cute!  They just got in there and danced with everybody else!  It truly is so much fun!  We have kind of made it a family event once a month to go down to Basin Park and dance!

Thanks Lora!  Drumming in the Park is every first Saturday of the month from April through October, starting at 6:00PM until 8:00PM in Basin Spring Park.

White Squirrel’s spotted in Eureka Springs

Our head of housekeeping lives a stones throw from The Woods and has been seeing these mythical creatures for weeks. I was claiming there is no such thing as a white squirrel. I told a friend of ours her claim and she told me a tale that could be true. Back around the early 1900’s a carnival truck overturned coming down into the little village of Eureka Springs and all but a few animals were killed or ran off. On that truck (you know whats coming) were one of the largest collections of white squirrels in this part of Arkansas. There were probably 20 of them that survived that accident. For many years the white squirrels thrived until their pelts became in high demand in Little Rock, by the bourgeoisie part of that community. There were just a few that survived the near extinction from the traders that profited from the skins of our beloved white squirrels. Those sightings in this area were regarded as myth and legend…. until today:


“I finally captured some decent pictures of one of our white squirrels! They are so hard to get a good picture of because they don’t stay still very long! I am so in love with these little guys! I have never in my life seen a white squirrel! They come and eat in our yard just about every morning!”

There you have it. A personal first hand sighting. The White Squirrel has returned to Eureka Springs!


Eureka Springs Mustang Show

Get ready for hoof-beats in the Ozarks as Eureka Springs plays host to the 2017 Mustang Show.  This year promises to be a great year to see America’s favorite, continuously produced car, the Ford Mustang, in this fun annual event. If you’re a mustang owner, an enthusiast or just someone who like cars, there will be cars from every generation and cars that range from daily driven to concourse restored to modified.

In cooperation with the Midwest Blue Oval Club, there will be many activities going on from June 2nd to June 4th. Cruises, a parade (Eureka Springs has to have a parade for everything you know) and meet & greets.  Team Shelby members, from across the region will be handing out Snake Pit awards. I don’t know what a snake pit award is, but, IF you own a mustang, I’ll bet its a pretty cool thing to have. The Mustang Club of America will also be in attendance at the show. I’m not really sure what they will be doing here, BUT, I would bet they will be handing out cool Ford things and giving away a few old cars! no…not really.   ​Things start off on June 2nd with a tailgate meet & greet and on the 3rd is the show in the Village at Pine Mountain. ​There are also a few rides and other events you can see by looking at the events website.

   For more information click here. To register, click  here.

 Hope to see you there!

Bird Watching in Eureka Springs

I love to fill up our bird feeders and see which birds will visit each day.   In addition to being an Innkeeper, I work remotely with CB&I and during the many hours I sit at my computer and work, I get the pleasure of seeing so many different birds visit our property!
We have a huge variety of little birds that come and go with their quick head movements and pecking at the food.  We have Bluejays, Cardinals, Brown Finches, Yellow Finches, Cowbirds, Woodpeckers and even a Tufted Titmouse – to name a few.   Just this week, we have new visitors which are black and white with a brillant red breast!  We are charmed to have 2 of these beautiful male birds hang around for a while.
The Rose-breasted Grosbeak migrates thru Eureka Springs on their way to spend the summers further North sowing their wild oats!  We have many flying visitors and I enjoy learning the names of each house guest.   I took this picture yesterday of these two beautiful birds.  One thing I tell my husband — if I ever am a “missing eldery,” look for where the birds gather and that’s where he will find me!
  Debbie Reay
  Innkeeper – The Woods

13th Annual Carving in the Ozarks

Ever wonder what you can do with a chainsaw? Wonder no more…

Here in Eureka Springs on April 21st and 22nd, dozens of competitors will show their skills with wood to help raise money for the Eureka Springs Fire Department.  There will be representatives from some major chainsaw manufacturers as well as other professional and amateur chainsaw artists turning logs into anything from bears to benches to birds.


Admission is free and on Saturday afternoon the pieces with be judged and then auctioned off.  I’m looking for a Bear flashing a piece sign … think I’ll find one?

The event will be at the  “Old Victorian Inn” parking lot, 4028 E. Van Buren, Eureka Springs AR 72632.

Bye for now,

Tom Reay – Innkeeper


Drone Video of the Woods.

Debbie and I had been  looking for a drone photographer to come by and do a few shots for us. We had looked at a couple places and talked to a guy who works out of Springfield. Well, we were in for a huge surprise. Last weekend we had 4 amazing guests renting two of our cabins from Tulsa,  OK. While I was walking by they called me over to look at something. One of the guys, Brian had his phone out and showed me a little video. I was in awe ;-). He was showing me the unedited version of what you see below. We called over Debbie who loved it as well. Last night Brian sent me this as a thank you for renting the cabins! Wow! Anyhow, enjoy this video and if you think THATS cool, you should see all the stuff those guys do @  Ideaship Studios!

Bye for now,

Tom Reay – Innkeeper – The Woods Cabins

Our soap story

For those of you who have stayed here since Debbie and I purchased The Woods, you may have noticed the soap with the hole in it. What you may not know, is the story behind the search for that soap. It started in 2010 when we were in London for a month of work, and took a long weekend trip to Paris.

Debbie and I in Paris

All we had were our backpacks and stayed in a small hotel in downtown that was really small. Well, in that room they had this crazy soap with a hole in it.  Debbie, for whatever reason, fell in love with the soap. I’m sure it had something to do with the incredible man she was with and being in one of the most romantic cities in the world. 😉  So fast forward six years when we think we found the Inn we had been looking for. One night, she says ” We HAVE to find that soap!”. How people could exist without Google, amazes me more and more every day.   So the search pulls up this site and we find the name GREEN Natüra”. Then she found the distributor at Inn Style and they will let us buy all the soap we want!!!  We are so lucky.


Anyhow, that’s our soap story. Come on by and try it out. Well, book a room and THEN try it out.

Our collection!

Bye for now,

Tom Reay – Innkeeper – The Woods Cabins