First of all, about three months ago, I was in the house and saw the Google Streetview car driving by the house and about to turn down lower Wall Street.  You cant miss it!  So, I see it starting to turn and head down the hill so I shout to Deb “THE GOOGLE MAPS CAR!” and dart out the back stairs thinking Debbie is running behind me because she knows I have been waiting for this moment when we do something hilarious that’s captured on the internet for the rest of time. Unfortunately, I never actually TOLD  Debbie my plan. The plan was for her to act like she was choking me and my laying on the ground with arms and legs frozen like I am fighting for my life. Hilarious, right? Well, I was in position and Debbie was on the porch and the car was in picture range. I didn’t know what to do! So, I acted like I was defending my self from something coming out of the sky or…something. That moment is still a blur of confusion ;-). SO, they drive by and Debbie is cracking up asking why I was dabbing. NO WAY,  I looked like I was dabbing?  I was not dabbing. Here is a pick of someone dabbing..Anyhow, here is a link to the actual google maps link – The Woods on Streetview. It IS pretty cool, you can see alot of the changes we gave done on the property AND you an see Debbie on the Porch. BTW, I am NOT dabbing.