Heart, Silhouette, Sun, Love, Hands, Outdoors

One of the greatest things Debbie and I have discovered after about three years of working here is how much we enjoy watching people in love, adding an extra spark to their romantic relationship. Also, how our little slice of Eureka, in our five cabins here is a catalyst to help that fire ignite. And it covers the whole gamut of Love as well. From the Newlywed couple coming from Tennessee who were dying to show us the pictures of the wedding, to the couple married for over 50 years where one had early onset and the other was just so precious in taking care of them. The couple who (at the time) could only get legally married in a few states and came HERE for the honeymoon. Then the groom who was staying at a local hotel with all the family and friends but wanted to give his new bride something special for their first night as a married couple.  It’s the look in their eyes, they way they cling to each other, the smiles and giggles when we first walk them thru their cabin showing them how everything works. Its magic. Eureka Springs magic. The number of people who come here for their wedding, honeymoon or anniversary is actually very humbling. Of all the places in Eureka Springs that you can come and stay to help celebrate something that happens only 1, or 2…and maybe 3 or 4 times ? in a lifetime.  Anyhow…come on by and stay awhile! #LoveInEurekaSprings #LoveAtTheWoodsCabins