Bird Watching in Eureka Springs

I love to fill up our bird feeders and see which birds will visit each day.   In addition to being an Innkeeper, I work remotely with CB&I and during the many hours I sit at my computer and work, I get the pleasure of seeing so many different birds visit our property!
We have a huge variety of little birds that come and go with their quick head movements and pecking at the food.  We have Bluejays, Cardinals, Brown Finches, Yellow Finches, Cowbirds, Woodpeckers and even a Tufted Titmouse – to name a few.   Just this week, we have new visitors which are black and white with a brillant red breast!  We are charmed to have 2 of these beautiful male birds hang around for a while.
The Rose-breasted Grosbeak migrates thru Eureka Springs on their way to spend the summers further North sowing their wild oats!  We have many flying visitors and I enjoy learning the names of each house guest.   I took this picture yesterday of these two beautiful birds.  One thing I tell my husband — if I ever am a “missing eldery,” look for where the birds gather and that’s where he will find me!
  Debbie Reay
  Innkeeper – The Woods

13th Annual Carving in the Ozarks

Ever wonder what you can do with a chainsaw? Wonder no more…

Here in Eureka Springs on April 21st and 22nd, dozens of competitors will show their skills with wood to help raise money for the Eureka Springs Fire Department.  There will be representatives from some major chainsaw manufacturers as well as other professional and amateur chainsaw artists turning logs into anything from bears to benches to birds.


Admission is free and on Saturday afternoon the pieces with be judged and then auctioned off.  I’m looking for a Bear flashing a piece sign … think I’ll find one?

The event will be at the  “Old Victorian Inn” parking lot, 4028 E. Van Buren, Eureka Springs AR 72632.

Bye for now,

Tom Reay – Innkeeper


Drone Video of the Woods.

Debbie and I had been  looking for a drone photographer to come by and do a few shots for us. We had looked at a couple places and talked to a guy who works out of Springfield. Well, we were in for a huge surprise. Last weekend we had 4 amazing guests renting two of our cabins from Tulsa,  OK. While I was walking by they called me over to look at something. One of the guys, Brian had his phone out and showed me a little video. I was in awe ;-). He was showing me the unedited version of what you see below. We called over Debbie who loved it as well. Last night Brian sent me this as a thank you for renting the cabins! Wow! Anyhow, enjoy this video and if you think THATS cool, you should see all the stuff those guys do @  Ideaship Studios!

Bye for now,

Tom Reay – Innkeeper – The Woods Cabins

Our soap story

For those of you who have stayed here since Debbie and I purchased The Woods, you may have noticed the soap with the hole in it. What you may not know, is the story behind the search for that soap. It started in 2010 when we were in London for a month of work, and took a long weekend trip to Paris.

Debbie and I in Paris

All we had were our backpacks and stayed in a small hotel in downtown that was really small. Well, in that room they had this crazy soap with a hole in it.  Debbie, for whatever reason, fell in love with the soap. I’m sure it had something to do with the incredible man she was with and being in one of the most romantic cities in the world. 😉  So fast forward six years when we think we found the Inn we had been looking for. One night, she says ” We HAVE to find that soap!”. How people could exist without Google, amazes me more and more every day.   So the search pulls up this site and we find the name GREEN Natüra”. Then she found the distributor at Inn Style and they will let us buy all the soap we want!!!  We are so lucky.


Anyhow, that’s our soap story. Come on by and try it out. Well, book a room and THEN try it out.

Our collection!

Bye for now,

Tom Reay – Innkeeper – The Woods Cabins