Debbie and I had been  looking for a drone photographer to come by and do a few shots for us. We had looked at a couple places and talked to a guy who works out of Springfield. Well, we were in for a huge surprise. Last weekend we had 4 amazing guests renting two of our cabins from Tulsa,  OK. While I was walking by they called me over to look at something. One of the guys, Brian had his phone out and showed me a little video. I was in awe ;-). He was showing me the unedited version of what you see below. We called over Debbie who loved it as well. Last night Brian sent me this as a thank you for renting the cabins! Wow! Anyhow, enjoy this video and if you think THATS cool, you should see all the stuff those guys do @  Ideaship Studios!

Bye for now,

Tom Reay – Innkeeper – The Woods Cabins