I love to fill up our bird feeders and see which birds will visit each day.   In addition to being an Innkeeper, I work remotely with CB&I and during the many hours I sit at my computer and work, I get the pleasure of seeing so many different birds visit our property!
We have a huge variety of little birds that come and go with their quick head movements and pecking at the food.  We have Bluejays, Cardinals, Brown Finches, Yellow Finches, Cowbirds, Woodpeckers and even a Tufted Titmouse – to name a few.   Just this week, we have new visitors which are black and white with a brillant red breast!  We are charmed to have 2 of these beautiful male birds hang around for a while.
The Rose-breasted Grosbeak migrates thru Eureka Springs on their way to spend the summers further North sowing their wild oats!  We have many flying visitors and I enjoy learning the names of each house guest.   I took this picture yesterday of these two beautiful birds.  One thing I tell my husband — if I ever am a “missing eldery,” look for where the birds gather and that’s where he will find me!
  Debbie Reay
  Innkeeper – The Woods