White Squirrel’s spotted in Eureka Springs

Our head of housekeeping lives a stones throw from The Woods and has been seeing these mythical creatures for weeks. I was claiming there is no such thing as a white squirrel. I told a friend of ours her claim and she told me a tale that could be true. Back around the early 1900’s a carnival truck overturned coming down into the little village of Eureka Springs and all but a few animals were killed or ran off. On that truck (you know whats coming) were one of the largest collections of white squirrels in this part of Arkansas. There were probably 20 of them that survived that accident. For many years the white squirrels thrived until their pelts became in high demand in Little Rock, by the bourgeoisie part of that community. There were just a few that survived the near extinction from the traders that profited from the skins of our beloved white squirrels. Those sightings in this area were regarded as myth and legend…. until today:


“I finally captured some decent pictures of one of our white squirrels! They are so hard to get a good picture of because they don’t stay still very long! I am so in love with these little guys! I have never in my life seen a white squirrel! They come and eat in our yard just about every morning!”

There you have it. A personal first hand sighting. The White Squirrel has returned to Eureka Springs!


Eureka Springs Mustang Show

Get ready for hoof-beats in the Ozarks as Eureka Springs plays host to the 2017 Mustang Show.  This year promises to be a great year to see America’s favorite, continuously produced car, the Ford Mustang, in this fun annual event. If you’re a mustang owner, an enthusiast or just someone who like cars, there will be cars from every generation and cars that range from daily driven to concourse restored to modified.

In cooperation with the Midwest Blue Oval Club, there will be many activities going on from June 2nd to June 4th. Cruises, a parade (Eureka Springs has to have a parade for everything you know) and meet & greets.  Team Shelby members, from across the region will be handing out Snake Pit awards. I don’t know what a snake pit award is, but, IF you own a mustang, I’ll bet its a pretty cool thing to have. The Mustang Club of America will also be in attendance at the show. I’m not really sure what they will be doing here, BUT, I would bet they will be handing out cool Ford things and giving away a few old cars! no…not really.   ​Things start off on June 2nd with a tailgate meet & greet and on the 3rd is the show in the Village at Pine Mountain. ​There are also a few rides and other events you can see by looking at the events website.

   For more information click here. To register, click  here.

 Hope to see you there!